Opening times?

The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5.30pm. Out with these times email linda@twiceloved.co.uk or call 07767 419443 and we will try to accommodate any requests

How much can I earn with consignment?

You can earn between 60-80% of the sale price for your items. Dependant on the item value

How long will it take me to get paid?

You will be paid as each item sells. Normally within 3 working days if your item sells in the shop and within 7 working days if your item sells online

How are payments made?

Payments are made by bank transfer

Do I get a receipt for my items?

Yes you will receive a confirmation email detailing an itinerary of your items and a unique customer id number

Am I insured with Twice Loved?

Whilst we make every effort to carefully store and keep your items secure we ask that you check your home insurance policy provide cover for your items

How do you authenticate my items?

We have an expert who follows a multi stage process to carefully validate the authenticity of items

How long do you keep the items?

We keep items for 12 weeks. After this time we will contact you to review the pricing or alternatively ask you to collect or donate your items to charity

Can I take my items back?

Yes, just give us 24 hours notice to carefully package your items

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, please ask for shipping costs